What Is Emotional Abuse?

Definitions of emotional abuse are slippery because emotional abuse extends into physical actions. Financial abuse, verbal abuse, and covert sexual abuse are all types of abuse that involve actions with a heavy emotional component. Understanding what emotional abuse really is involves a bunch of other factors, which is one of the reasons why it’s difficult for other people to understand or take seriously.

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Covert Sexual Abuse: There are behaviors that are sexual, yet they don’t involve the genitals, so they’re referred to as covert sexual abuse. I’ve written about this on EAA because it shares a lot with other forms of emotional abuse.

Emotional Abuse: Defining emotional abuse isn’t simple, but validation can’t begin without knowing why and how it’s complex to identify.

Emotional Abuse and Culture: Just because a behavior is acceptable in a certain culture doesn’t mean it’s not abusive.

Emotional Abuse for Men: Men can have a hard time validating emotional abuse because of patriarchal taboos against admitting emotional pain.

Emotional Abuse for Women: Because of gender role assumptions in our patriarchal society, women may deal with emotional abuse issues that men don’t have to deal with.

Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, and Sexual Abuse: Research supports my view that emotional abuse always accompanies physical and sexual abuse, which is why survivors of all types of abuse need to take emotional abuse seriously.

Financial Abuse: Financial abuse involves the use of money and things to control you.

Reasons Why Some People Don’t Understand Emotional Abuse: If you’ve ever tried to talk to more than one person about your emotional abuse experiences, chances are you’ve come into contact with someone who doesn’t get it.

Verbal Abuse: Often thought of as obvious things like name-calling and threats, verbal abuse is actually any kind of hurtful behavior through words.

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